Indian study group required!

Why do we not have a study group from india in FCC?

which platform will you use?

FreeCodeCamp doesn’t create groups on its own
If you want one in India, create it:

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So, do i like have to be an admin of the group and manage how to do things in the group. I don’t have have much idea about that neither do i have good knowledge about the FCC curriculum.
In short, I’m a little hesitant to take this responsibility.
Can i transfer the responsibility to someone else later on.

What would happen if i do a bad job at it? Just curious. :grimacing:

Take up the responsibility, I am pretty sure that it will be a great learning experience. :blush:

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Already sent the form to Quincy for approval. Let’s see how it goes. :slight_smile:

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Maybe WhatsApp or Discord.
Do u have any advice?

you should also use freecodecamp forum itself, otherwise how would you be able to have new users find the group through fcc?

Well, in reply to the form approval. Quincy has mailed me that there are already existing groups in my locality and i should approach them.

And yes I will be using the FCC forum. I like to help new people here with the little knowledge i gained from FCC.

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I don’t see a Indian category here, but if Quincy say so, maybe we just have to wait for the cagory to be added

I think there should be something tagged New Delhi. It’s the capital of India (my locality).

Ok, so i just found the FCC Delhi group on facebook. 6 people i know from my college are already there. The group is inactive though.

Group Link:

maybe the leader of that group, if they are still active, could ask to be leader of the fcc category

Quincy is the admin. haha xD
Can’t replace him. I guess.

so it seems, but there is still not a category in the forum for New Delhi users
nope, no category (@QuincyLarson)

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I believe the category will be added when someone applies for it. I read somewhere that fcc is planning to migrate from facebook groups to managing study groups here on the forum itself. Maybe you could reach out to the admin of facebook group and ask them to apply on here? Otherwise, if the fb group is inactive, @RohanKumarr could start a new one on here and invite the members on the fb group.

And wow, everyone on here is a college student and young, I feel so old lol. Started learning code at the humble age of 29. :wink:

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Hi Rohan, yes we are looking to get the Delhi group active again, and to move much of it over here on the forum. Here’s how we’re handling the new official study groups:


Anybody from India interested to collaborate online ( slack etc . )
I feel studying in team will help everyone to keep on track and motivate each other, also learn from each other’s mistakes and improve quickly rather than studying alone

Please message here.


So you know, this topic is a year old, so it is unlikely that anyone will reply.

ok, will start a new thread.