Managing Packages with Npm - How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package-How to fix?

I copied and pasted this link

// running test
Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0
// tests completed
How to fix ?

The package.json looks good to me. Are you getting g this error while pasting to freecodecamp?

Yes I copied and pasted the link its not letting me pass the challenge the freecodecamp is giving me the error I copied and pasted above

Just figured it out, It was my mistake as I was sharing the URL, you have to copy and paste the share your app link, which is found by clicking on the share button on the sidebar, and not the regular url.

Something might have happened with glitch as the last time I saw your project I couldn’t see anything but the Readme.

Anyway, glad you fixed this.

Was this anywhere in the instructions? :thinking: (rhetorical question)

make shure to put this code inside your package.json to pass:

	"name": "fcc-learn-npm-package-json",
	"dependencies": {
		"express": "^4.14.0"
	"main": "server.js",
	"scripts": {
		"start": "node server.js"
	"engines": {
		"node": "8.11.2"
	"repository": {
		"type": "git",
		"url": "https://idontknow/todo.git"

Are the instructions of the first lesson still working?
I think I am not having an issue with adding field author to package.json, but finding an URL from glitch where the file is saved.
I am not even sure if glitch cloned the project from github.