My Tribute Page (bootstrap, jQuery)

Hello everyone, this is my “tribute” page. Really it’s not a tribute but I just finished “Narcos” on Netflix and had Pablo Escobar in Mind.
I used Bootstrap, Font Awesome, jQuery (animated and wowjs embeded but not used yet).
Let me know anything if you want!

Looks great. I’m starting mine and already having trouble getting my images on code pen. Mind sharing how u did on yours?

@marcinjak9, the buttons on the top do not work for me.

You have to host them externally. Imgur will not work. I personally used dropbox for codepen, but have since moved all my projects to GitHub. These threads will help:

Thanks for the response. Will try and figure out.

I just coprid The url of the image, not a best practice but it worked ahah

Oops i Didint Made a hyperlink ahah