My Tribute Page - Looking for Feedback/

Hi Everyone,

After strong struggle just completed my Tribute page. Please leave some feedback and comments below.

My Tribute Page

Hope you like it.

Thank you.

Hi @SandunAAM ,

This code is not correct:

<!DOCTYPE html>
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HTML inspector:
" is not a valid attribute of the <span> element.

<span class="badge"">1994</span>
<span class="badge"">1997</span>
<span class="badge"">2010</span>
 <span class="badge"">2013</span>
 <span class="badge"">2015</span>
<span class="badge"">2016</span>

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Fixed the problems.

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I think it looks good @SandunAAM. I like the organization.

@SandunAAM I think it looks good!

The headings and time line boxes look really good.

I also like how you incorporated your information as well as FCC’s into the page.

I’m not so sure about the jumping text beside the image though.

@the-thief, @collinsGTR Thanks for the feedback.

@the-thief. I guess constant animated quote here could be a distraction to a user.

If possibble please look at my portofolio page and leave a feedback.