Not Passing 'Metric-Imperial Converter' Project

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I cannot pass the ‘Metric-Imperial Converter’ Project. Hopefully someone could shed some light for me :frowning:
I am failing at the last four tests… Thank you ><

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Challenge: Metric-Imperial Converter

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I solved it at the end:)

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what was the issue @snowie22 I have problem with mine as well, all the tests pass on except for the 10L assertion

please help :

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I copied your assertion but still I get an error can you please help?

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I cannot access your code from this link.
Could you use the share link and let me see if I can help? :slight_smile:

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sorry about that here is the link :

well the original error has been fixed as you will see but now I have 19/21 passing Idk why though. Metric Imperial Converter Test fo 10L and kg please help - #7 by Kenneth-bit