Only html and css work for weather app example

I just got started on the weather app project, but when I go to the example given all I see is the html and css with a black background. It does nothing else and doesn’t seem to have any javascript working. when it first loaded I was alerted a message to let it access my location and I accepted that, and I’m not blocking any javascript, so I don’t know why its not working. I have tried looking at other weather app codepens for an example and its the same thing, only the css and html load but the javascript does nothing. I’m going to try and build the weather app anyway though and hopefully I’ll find the problem. Does anyone know why I might have this problem or can anyone link me to a working weather app example?

Alright I just found that this guy Weather App example not working for me has the same problem as me. We are both using the same browser and operating system, firefox and lubuntu so there may be a bug. I’m gonna install opera, hopefully it will work then.

When you load the blank page, have you tried to look at the browser console to look for any error messages. In Firefox, try Ctrl+Shift+J to see if you can view the console.

It’s working now. I have no idea why it wasn’t earlier but now it is. no error in the console or anything.

Its not working again on my firefox browser but it was working for some reason 3 hours ago… I’m just going to try using a midori browser since it was working on that.