Questions Bootcamps & motivations

I know there is many and maybe too many posts about “should or not should” do coding BootCamps and I would like not to bored you guys up, but I’m afraid that this post kind of will follow the line from every single post made before, therefore I want to apologize beforehand <3.

First of all, I’ll give a small presentation my name it’s James(27), due life I have been traveling a lot from one country to another ine Europe (with very little resources) I always loved playing video games and I know it’s simply wrong to get into coding just for that but let’s add as well that I always had obsession on building computers and loved that! although lately even though I work as a chef(cooking) I got more and more interested and curious about how software gets developed to the point that I would give it a try to change my career.

I have enough money to keep my self sustained for 9 months and in this little time I want to learn as much as possible, therefore I would like to know opinions on how people would see the things if they were in my “skin”.

So I have thought to take a bootcamp as they seem to offer as much as possible in little time but doing this puts me in a position on which I might feel overwhelmed by the quantity of information they thaught, of course, I will put some mind and not go in a course with 0 knowledge as I want to learn the basics of HTML/CSS/Javascrip before apply to one.

Therefore I would like to know which free path you guys would recommend before getting into a Bootcamp.

Also the bootcamps I checked I’ll mention them below and if someone has been in them I would like to know-how has been for you that assisted there and how has been your career afterward.

The bootcamps I have check are GeneralAssembly remote course / Codeworks / Code Institute.

Feel free to comment anything be negative or positive I would love to get as many tips/knowledge as possible =)

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Have you read Quincy’s Coding Bootcamp Handbook yet?

On terms of free programs to get you started, I’m obviously going to recommend freeCodeCamp.

hi there , i am a self thought , cs degree and bootcamp who got the job recently. In general bootcamp are fine and as you say learning the basics of html/css/js before applying to one is a good idea. I did that before joining mine.

In most cases bootcamp arent worth the cost from what they teach , but it also a case by case basis, i think compared to learning on your own vs learning in bootcamp , learning in bootcamp you cover alot more quickly but are v intense and you can easily fall behind if you dont get to speed.

So knowing the objective of why you join a bootcamp is important , udemy courses are great too but can bring you out of scope if you are not careful.

I joined mine in my case because i had a subsidy , the bootcamp was from an actual software dev company which i can gain connections and learn from existing software engineering and also specialize skills difficult to learn alone test driven development and agile processes.

So long you know what you want than you are fine.

Here in singapore we don’t have many bootcamp so from the bootcamp you mentioned i only know about general assembly. I heard that its decent , but the class size and who teach you varies to expectations. But the main value is the group project you do in a group.

you can also refer to my post how i prepare for a job and got the job

Thank you! I read it and also did some research like Quincy recommended and found answers that I was checking =). Also I’m starting with the program in freecodecamp, I hope I’ll love coding.

Thanks you for your elaborate answer, I read your topic and also I think that after what I read from you and what Ariel recommended I decided to do a bootcamp as I have such short period (economically). You mind me asking how is life in the working environment?