React, Redux Tutorials Tests are not executing

Hey @HystericalMisfit do you confirm you’re using Google Chrome? What’s the operational system?

I am using chrome on windows 10, I have also tried on 2 other PCs and the same problem. but it is only in the React section.

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We have just invalidated our CDN cache to fix this, can you all please try and check again? Here is a thread if you want to learn more:

Hi, I have just checked and it still is not working. I have tried the next tutorial as well and the same result.

Hi @HystericalMisfit can you please share your country and region (general area / city should be fine)? I will check once again, but I believe we have invalidated all the caches on our CDN servers.

It has started working for me. Thanks all.

Hey, I have just logged in and see it is now working… Its really great I started getting withdrawal. :laughing:

it’s working for me now. Thank you.

Thank you very much. The tests are running now, but the results are not being saved. It says: “we cannot reach the server to update your progress”.