Setup a Template Engine

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I have completed the challenge on Replit. The server is running properly there and the page is rendered as well but all test cases are failing.

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Challenge: Set up a Template Engine

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Hello sap_rocks, have you found a solution? I have the same problem

Hello, sap_rocks.

Sorry that this post went under our radar.

I am not sure why you have this line:

app.set('views', './views/pug');

One of the tests searches for:

assert.match(data, /pug-success-message/gi)

Which is only present when the page is rendered, but this is not happening, for me.

@Kazulife, I suggest you open your own topic, with all the necessary details/links/code for us to help you. Your issue might be slightly different.

@Sky020 thank you for your reply.

You are right it may be faster to make my own topic but I prefer to search so as not to overload the forum.

I finally managed to unblock myself thanks to this post:

Set up a template engine - validation error

Thanks again for your participation and good day @Sky020