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Hello, I am stuck in use the .env file challenge. Tried many times, but it is not working. I tried doing it according to the given hint with the challenge itself. but that doesn’t seem to work. What is the right format of writing it? Help please.
thank you all.
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Challenge: Use the .env File

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Welcome, there.

There is a known issue with a few lessons in this section: Use the .env File - Issue - freeCodeCamp Support - The freeCodeCamp Forum

Otherwise, we cannot tell what is wrong, without being able to see your code. Typically, it is easiest for you to share the link to your project code. Otherwise, you can use Markdown to format your code here, in the forum.

Thank you, for linking that. There is an issue here:

app.get("/json", (req, res) => {
if (process.env.MESSAGE_STYLE === uppercase) {
  response = "Hello json".toUpperCase();
} else {
  response = "Hello json";

That code is not actually responding with anything. So, this is not being done:

The response object should become {"message": "HELLO JSON"}

Hope this clarifies

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