Stuck on this exercise:

God I have no chance of becoming a JS Dev.
I think I might purchase a book too.
I was think of “Javascript head first” to start off with.
what do you think?

Eloquent JavaScript would be a good choice as a book and it’s free

Taking it slow is okay. Don’t rush it and force yourself to make progress to fast.
If you cannot understand the basic’s you end up making buggy horror code. It’s hard just like maths and take time, practise and patience to understand. Just like a journey it begins with one step at the time not a leap you might only fall back.

that book is free??
how come?
and where can i get it free from?
many thanks

Yes it is

lol, thanks
I was looking for a book to hold.
but is that one good for beginners?

I fundamentally believe that everyone learns at their own speed and everyone can learn how to code.

For more complicated problems, feeling overwhelmed or frustrated at times is normal. I’ve got a process that helps me:

  1. Don’t panic
  2. Read the requirements
  3. Don’t panic
  4. Grab paper and pencil
  5. Write out
    a) Inputs
    b) Outputs
    c) Sample results
  6. Don’t panic
  7. Write out possible flow of solution
  8. Finally touch keyboard and try coding
  9. Swear at computer
  10. Don’t panic
  11. Start debugging
  12. Repeat steps above as needed
  13. ???
  14. Mission accomplished, fly a banner

thats good :+1:

I think I need a miracle to understand this and be able to code JS. lol

This book looks really good as well !!1
lots of exercises, and thats what I like.
many thanks

It just takes time and practice. I only knew a bit of Python and Matlab a few years ago. 3 years ago I started learning C and I use it pretty extensively now. Time, practice, and the willingness to ask questions and Google will get you pretty far.

I am also leaning WordPress dev. which uses PHP, but I am only learning php related to WordPress now.
I really need to learn JS though as I have missed out on so many jobs, as I only know html(5) and CSS(3)
Once I understand this better I want to go for my MSCA( Microsoft exam for html, css and JS) :+1:

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