Suggestion for better developed projects

Hi everybody. After two incredible weeks in freecodecamp I manage to get my frontend certificate and I’m very pleased with the difficulty of the projects, its trule sprout a developer, now I’m working on “Back End Development Certification” and “Data Visualization Certification” though it’s still lacking and now I’m reading some books to enhance what I’m missing to complete these projects.

First suggestion is shouldn’t freecodecamp have a bookshelf.

Second suggestion after looking to so many project done by the campers I noticed all most all campers have zero sense of style and styling is essential and easily achievable just telling the campers to choose only 3 main colors to there project will solve this issue or freecodecamp could introduce color palette as a challenge in front end or data visualization or asking the campers to insert the chosen palette id using webapps like or or

Hoping for a feedback on this.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllll, I don’t think it’s that easy. Choosing the right colors isn’t as simple as just picking 3 and calling it a day. Design isn’t really the focus here, though, so there’s no reason to complicate the instructions with some rigid definition of style that everyone needs to follow. If that’s in the interest of the student, there are supplemental materials they can gather online that will help them design their site.

What does this mean? Is it in reference to some service I don’t know about?

Here are my three colors!

(Click through, this link preview doesn’t show my actual selections)

A sense of style is not something you have or don’t have. It’s something you learn. If Campers are very interested in design, typography, color theory, etc. then they should definitely work on learning those things. Likely these people would be more interested in becoming web designers than in becoming web developers.

Personally, I couldn’t give a hoot about design. I’ve spent very little of my time working on learning color theory, typography, etc. Most of my FCC projects reflect my inability to choose colors appropriately and/or I’ve just left them out entirely. I’m much more interested in how an app works (and making it work), than in how an app looks. I don’t want to spend a lot of time learning designer-y things because I believe my time is much better spent learning more developer-y things.

Perhaps related, I can barely draw a stick person.

Interesting although freecodecamp isn’t for student only and I think choosing 3 wrong colors is better than throwing every color in every element in a single project choosing a color scheme and sticking to it for the entire project isn’t hard an example of a list of schemes what is hard about selecting, even if it is hard freecodecamp can simplify it to be understandable and achievable for the slow learners, I mean freecodecamp is teaching how to code isn’t it, the purpose is for a better developers from freecodecamp.

where I live a specialist camp have a bookshelf a set of recommended books by the camp for campers extra knowledge for authenticity and to know where the camp gets its knowledge,Sorry I didn’t clarify it properly.

Hope it is clear now.

You are probably right, design is something that isn’t an easy thing for everyone that’s why it called art, i’m not saying you should learn art or be an artist to be developer, if you can’t build your own color scheme by yourself designers already done it for you just select a scheme and work with it.

Remember, the goal of FCC is to build developers not designers.

That’s a completely different discipline (practically anyway, philosophically, it’s not).

Ultimately, it would be nice to have more front end projects that look to implement a spec - “make a page that looks like x and behaves like y” as that is what most developers do - implement the spec of a designer and client.

Another interesting possible project would be to take a static web front end and implement some dynamic behavior on top of it, also per a spec.

There are several detailed threads on the forum suggesting design resources.

Here’s one: