Trouble Getting Interviews

Thank you for checking it out, and yea definitely not my strong suit, but I appreciate you checking out the code.

The app has a tutorial, but it’s based on what the user has done so far, and can be toggled off. So they would have to create a new account to really get the grand tour.

Do you think I should try to explain that in the project description on the portfolio site? The Check it out link goes to this page:

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That would be better than the current setup.

My personal preference is a dummy login. When you send off an application, include a link and credentials to access an account preloaded with dummy data if possible. You want to limit the steps involved for the person reviewing your application.

If it’s not possible/realistic to create a dummy account, throw up some screenshots of the core functions on the GitHub link (a lot of hiring managers, myself included, wouldn’t create a new account for an applicants project).

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If anyone is interested, check out the update, Thanks again for all of the insight!

I appreciate your work and am no where close to the achievemnt you have which is outstanding, however i would like to point out that your projects have a visual presentation that seems old, try updating the visuals with colours that are eye catching. Check out this portfolio done by freecodecamp
and see what i mean here.

I did it! just got an offer! @Honest you called it! and I really heavily and sincerely appreciate your encouragement!


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