Wanting to know how to get info into flex-boxes for tribute project

I have refined my idea for the composition wanting basically to halve the space with the image and title on the left and then text on the right. I have some code in both html and CSS. I was guessing how to do it and clearly it was wrong. I left it,thinking it might be a starting point for any hints or advice.

I see Greta in there :grinning:

Can you draw a sketch in paint in what you want? Like boxes for what goes where?

…you currently have this <img-id="..." src=https://.com/ alt "....">

Review the <img> tag… you have an extra -, missing some "'s for the source and an = for the alternate text.

Thank you. I was able to make Greta show up (to me) because of your help. I guess I need to immerse myself in flex-box tutorials.
I want Greta on the left and text and links on the right. Maybe the title all across the top. So to paint in words what I want would be to make one long narrow box across the top and then two side-by-side boxes beneath it.
No idea how.

Drawing it out on paper can help a ton. My best advice is when you get into the CSS to give everything a background-color and then move the boxes around. Put things inside of containers, and then those containers inside of other containers, here is a post I tried to show it:

Best link I’ve seen on these forums to learn FlexBox is: https://flexboxfroggy.com/

Happy Coding :slight_smile:

Thank you. I want a solid background color anyway so that is a good place to start. And of course I will play the froggy game.