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Hi @QuincyLarson ,

Do you plan to implement a clap or like feature where the readers can clap for or like an article?


This article seems incomplete: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/how-to-overcome-your-fear-of-writing-by-writing-like-you-code-d0d6edb9ff62/

Hi Vince, thanks for your patience. I just saw your comment here.

At our scheduled time, I waited for 15 minutes in the Google Hangout linked from the calendar invite.

You didn’t show up, so I just kept working on other things while I waited. It’s no big deal to me - it was just a misunderstanding. We can meet next week if you have time.

I’m DM’ing you about scheduling another Google Hangout to set up your author account.

If you can reproduce this bug in Discourse, yes - I would recommend opening a GitHub issue on Discourse and they may be able to figure out what is causing it: https://github.com/discourse/discourse

and bookmark feature would be nice too.

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Hey guys still haven’t received anything from you after a month


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Great initiative! @QuincyLarson
I have articles hosted on Medium and I am eager to post on freecodecamp news. I have filled out the form and I am waiting for an answer. I have other articles ready to post originally on freecodecamp news.


@QuincyLarson can we get author and image data on the rss feed?

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same. been about 3 weeks here. its getting frustrating to see other replies being made but nothing about these accounts. id like to be given credit for my stories - one of which is a top hit on google driving traffic to fcc. :angry:

This article’s code snippets are broken:

@Steffan153 I assume you are referring to the first one seen below?

people = [{first_name: "Gary", job_title: "car enthusiast", salary: "14000" },  {first_name: "Claire", job_title: "developer", salary: "15000"},  {first_name: "Clem", job_title: "developer", salary: "12000"}]          person1 = people[0][:job_title]person2 = people[1][:job_title]person3 = people[2][:job_title]total = 0if person1 == "developer")  total += people[0][:salary].to_iendif person1 == "developer")  total += people[1][:salary].to_iendif person1 == "developer")  total += people[2][:salary].to_iendputs total

How should the code look?

Yes, that one.
It should look something like this:

people = [
    first_name: "Gary", 
    job_title: "car enthusiast", 
    salary: "14000" 
    first_name: "Claire", 
    job_title: "developer", 
    salary: "15000"
    first_name: "Clem", 
    job_title: "developer", 
    salary: "12000"
person1 = people[0][:job_title]
person2 = people[1][:job_title]
person3 = people[2][:job_title]
total = 0
if person1 == "developer"
    total += people[0][:salary].to_i
if person2 == "developer"
    total += people[1][:salary].to_i
if person3 == "developer"
    total += people[2][:salary].to_i
puts total

At least that’s how I’d format it.
BTW, there’s also a typo here:

(should be let’s)

Would love to see a mobile app version of this!!

That’s a good idea! Using something like Ionic would be the easiest way.

Article ends after just the first paragraph😢.

@QuincyLarson I filled out the form for first time contributor to Developer News.
Is there any time span in which I can expect someone will get back to me?

Thanks :slight_smile:


@QuincyLarson, just like many people here, I have filled out the form few days ago but received no reply (not even a confirmation), so is there any time span we can tell “yes” or “no”, thanks!

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I Tried applying for writing in the fcc developer news forum but when I tried filling up the form, I saw a field that requests to enter my previous blog or medium url. Unfortunately, I have not been able to write previously, and this is my first time. What is the eligibility criteria for the same? Thank you

> The sad truth is that a YouTube replacement would be very hard.

I hope FCC continues with YouTube! @QuincyLarson :anguished:

I believe I have formatted the article’s code section like you suggested and change the lets to let’s.

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