Back in my college days I made the decision to peruse a career in Architecture and to abandon my dreams of being a programmer. Colleges were still trying to sell “Programmer” as an job title.

As a tech savvy intern I found myself as the IT admin of several small design firms. Dating myself, I once implemented an IPX/SPX network for a firm back when it could communicate with printers easier than TCP/IP.

Once I finished my registration examinations and became an actual Architect, all that stopped. No more website design, no more server maintenance, no more pulling computers apart to install new graphics cards or power supplies.

15 years later and my wife and I own a racehorse farm. I live on a farm, with horses, and I shovel lots of poop. I often think to myself, “How did that happen?”

I find myself here at FCC looking for some structure to get back into what I love doing.