I’ve always been interested in startups and disruptive business ideas based on technology but feared I didn’t have it in me to pursue a science or engineering. (I blame it all on Chemistry. That darn difficult subject.)

At my first full-time job I got a chance to work in the Business Development and Marketing functions at a tech startup. The level exposure to software development was enormous and of course highly intimidating since I came from a Commerce background.

Working around developers and designers makes you appreciate their skills and accomplishments more than a consumer - or maybe it’s just “You want to be what it is you see”

I went on to plan and organize multiple Hackathons for the company’s Developer Relations Initiative which made me a bit more aware about the different technologies at play and the possibilities that come with programming. However, witnessing super smart teens and millennials build amazing apps in just 24 hours made it seem all the more difficult to start so late - I was just 24 years old.

Over a year later here I am starting a journey that I hope to stick to and turn my life around with. Hope to get to the other side, build awesome things and (maybe someday) create a tiny but impact-full dent in the universe.

Here’s to learning and becoming a part of the community. Wish me luck. Cheers