The name of my profile gets its inspiration from GATTACA being one of my favorite movies and Spotlight being whatever interest i want the spotlight to be on any given day.

“If you let your learning lead to knowledge, you become a fool. If you let your learning lead to action, you become wealthy.”

Hey guys!
My name is Joshua Ocean
and currently my profession is a traveling welder but i have been a bar-tender, tennis instructor, surf-instructor, photographer, banker, tax associate, etc…
but primarily my profession is taking my life as a series of experiments and learning new things. I have an on-going interest with real estate and options trading around earnings…would love to one day complete the ITTPM (Anton Kriel BBC Traders show) professional trader course.

Sectors I want work in:
transhumanism (telomere rates), real estate, finance, algorithmic trading, renewable energy, tech start ups and other start ups, stem cell techs, pharmaceuticals, tennis software, e-commerce, surfing/wave technology software, DevOps, app development, robotics, aerospace, medical cannabis and psilocybin

Sectors I don’t want to work in:
Construction, automobile, hotels, restaurants/bars, hospitals, retail, clothing, telecommunications

Message me if you have similar interest…or even if you dont! I dont bite…well i do but only to eat curry, sushi, steak, or chicken. and also jack fruit.