I’m a business professional with strong technical skills. I’m here to reinforce my learning by answering other people’s questions. I also want to help people become first-time software developers.

Altogether, I’ve acquired ten years of experience working for media and technology companies.

I started my career working in finance and business development. Post-Grad, I switched to marketing. I mainly did growth marketing for startups with a focus on user acquisition and conversion optimization.

The technical side of growth marketing inspired me to learn design and front-end web development. In 2015, I started teaching myself UX design, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript after work. Nine months later I decided to become a front-end developer.

To speed up my transition, I took a sabbatical for most of 2016 to study design and web technology full time. Besides teaching myself, during the summer of 2016, I completed a full-time web development boot camp. In October 2016, I started applying for front-end development jobs.

I’m currently on the front-end development team at Aperto, which is a digital agency owned by IBM.

I hold an MBA from EDHEC Business School in France. I also earned a BS in Business Administration, with an emphasis on finance, from California State University, Los Angeles. Most recently, I completed a certificate in web development with Career Foundry.