I have been exposed to coding and development since I was seven years old, so I grew up with a keen understanding of how to deal with “the box.” I enjoy being both creative and a problem solver, especially when I can come up with solutions to business problems in areas of marketing and operations.

I have a diverse employment history involving such industries as technology and software to banking and finance, and just recently, real estate. I have used my technical and creative skills in my real estate brokering career over the last ten years, bringing more value to my client base.

My foray back into technology is because I have missed the creative process and seeing a product evolve from conception to fruition. Development is my first passion, and so here I am aspiring to be the best Web Developer and Designer that I can be and leverage off of my experience.

When I’m not in front of my laptop, I like to workout, bike, camp, travel, and take care of my 60-gallon salt-water aquarium.

Get more of me at kayvonshahir.com :slight_smile: