I’m strong believer in life-long learning.
I am a full stack webdeveloper, focused more on the front-end side.
At the moment I’m taking courses to learn more about React and Node.js, as well as increasing my soft skills and design skills.
I’m at the last year of my Bachelor degree in Computer Science, but I’ve already worked for some years while attending university.

I have an accountant background from high school, but I’ve always like the idea of being able to create websites.
That idea pushed me to enroll in the Computer Science faculty of the University of Insubria in Varese, Italy.
I started to program in Java during the first year of university in 2012 and since then I’ve used different libraries, including JavaFX for a more pleasing GUI, always trying to learn much more than what was tought at the courses.
Web development was not part of the university program, so I decided to learn it by myself, and it has since become my passion.
I really like the feeling that I get when I bring a product from idea to reality.


I’ve had some experience in programming for Android applications in Java. When I’ll finish the React course, I’ll move to another course for mobile development with React Native, which seems already very promising :slight_smile:

Important: I’m not interested in working with unethical companies and for me respect for anyone (be they employers, employees or customers) will always be the top priority.