…Hate these things. I’m complicated. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was in the IT field for more than two decades (I learned BASIC, COBOL and RPG-II for the luvva Pete!), but I am passionate about modern web development, and elegant code. Specifically elegant Javascript.

Life took a turn a decade back, and programming has been more an avocation. I’ve found work as a cabinetmaker, a landscaper, a general handyman, but I still want to break back through the wall into being a developer.

I love to learn, constantly. I also love to teach, and tend to slip into lecture mode at the drop of a hat. Preferably a cool hat, like a fedora or a tam. Don’t bother dropping your baseball cap, I think I’d be insulted.

Hobbies include zendoodling, playing classical strings (uke, guitar, mandolin etc), reading, mathematical diversions, things to keep my brain busy.