1st Landing page

Hey everyone,
just made my first landing page

As it was my first time, I pretty much followed the example, with some small twists.

I definitely learned something doing this, especially about flexbox.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you

hey @valeriocipolla92. i really like the page! it looks very professional and clean. the only thing i noticed was the “about us” tab at the top redirects you to the events offered (hiking, relax, wine and dine) instead of contact information or some background information. it might make more sense to put the hiking and all that under the experiences tab and put the products at the bottom under a products tab. that’s just my opinion, though. great job on the page!

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Looks very nice and clean to me, at least visually. I’m not good enough to judge people’s code yet.
My only complaint would be footer. Elements there seem to be a bit too crammed together and black font color isn’t very readable with this shade of background grey. That’s about it.

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Your page looks okay @valeriocipolla92. Some notes;

Tbh, the HTML code looks too much like the sample code, with some small twists. Make the project from scratch, with your own code, style and content. Don’t take code from the sample project.

  • The hardest part of coding is looking at a problem and coming up with a plan to solve that problem. Starting out by looking at someone else’s code completely bypasses that step.
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Thanks for the feedback @Roma. Yes I did follow the sample to create this project, I find it helps me understand why and how code is used to create certain elements. But I am planning on making at least 2 more landing pages, and I am going to do that using my own code.

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