23 yo no scool diploma

well i am 23
and ive worked hard all my life since ive been 14
i been thru this site ones or twice years ago like 2-3
and i dont know how do you guys maintain gfs bfs
with all this learning and working

Hi there. I maintain a fairly new marriage while studying (I attend college full-time) and working full-time. It’s entirely possible, but your partner(s) need to be supportive of your goals. In my case, it helps that my husband is also studying in the evenings.

First of all, one at a time… :wink:

Secondly, if you have to “maintain” your partner… Really?

We all have to set priorities in life. Sometimes your priority is your partner and other things get pushed to the side. Sometimes your studies are the priority. If your partner doesn’t respect that, then they don’t respect you.

Right now my wife is studying very hard for a certification for a new job, so I give her space. On week days we probably only spend 30 minutes talking and maybe a few hours on the weekend. It sucks, but I know that this is important to her and I know that it is temporary.

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All people here lead different lives, that’s important to keep in mind. Some learners will have to sacrifice a lot more to collect their certifications than others. Don’t compare yourself with those who are more privileged than yourself.

I don’t know if you’re planning to go through the lessons again, but if you are, maybe try to practice just 20-30 minutes on busy days. It’s more important to find some balance because otherwise (with a stressful life) you’re likely to give up pretty soon.

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