24/7 Javascript bot

I want to make a javascript bot that basically just gathers data from various API’s and will perform actions based on what data is returned.

This seems easy enough but I would like to have the bot running 24/7 for extended periods at a time. I only know javascript and would like to stick to javascript but the only way I can think of solving this is by having a blank html page open on a computer that is connected 24/7 and that runs the javascript and outputs a log to the console.

This doesn’t seem ideal but I am having trouble googling for relevant results. I have a server where I host some sites so ideally I could put the code on the server where it runs 24/7 and then have that output the log to a file or something.

Any ideas?

I think this would be a potential solution to pinging a webpage to execute the javascript. And their free plan can ping every 5 mins.

Unfortunately one of the API endpoints I am requesting will not allow CORS so I believe I am forced to use another scripting language and am looking into Python now.