2nd Rotating Image Gallery

How do I get my pictures to separate? I forgot (because I’m polishing a giant, cherrywood table at the same time as coding). Thanks

Neat pen :love_you_gesture:

Problem is easily fixed:

transform: rotateY(calc(var(--i) * 45deg)) translateZ(400px);

All your spans get the same i in your HTML, just change those like this:

<span style="--i:1"><img src="longSrcUrl"></span>
<span style="--i:2"><img src="longSrcUrl2"></span>
<span style="--i:3"><img src="longSrcUrl3"></span>
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Yay! It looks beautiful now! I remember I told myself to do that, and then I forgot when I started cleaning the dining room. Oops! Thank you so much! :+1: :heart: :grinning: