34 years old, studied 7 months, landed Frontend react dev job

Do you have a structured study plan? A roadmap? 100% focus? Stack idea? Deadlines? Passion for that knowledge? From my small experience I understood that these factors are much more important than age. If you have them in your mind, you can land that job within 1 year. After couple years of experience I guess any remote job can be possible.

This is a very inspiring post, thank you all for sharing your stories, your worries, your path to overcoming them. :slightly_smiling_face:

May I ask what does this mean? I couldn’t get it. :relaxed:

Not to bump an old thread, the only thing i hate about this post (not really hate, just stood out to me), was the “-if they fire me, I completely deserve it :slight_smile:”. Nah man, you are a junior developer, you are bound to make mistakes, if they fire you because of that, you know that company doesn’t deserve your time.


I guess there are much more people like me and you. I have no problem with motivating myself, i just push from where i have stopped, but my main problem is free time and all needed persistent focus.
I balance between College, Wife, Kids and work and i admire to anyone who decide to change career in his mid 30-40-50-60s. My hats off to you, sir!

I m curios about your level after you went through all the courses. After you finished with them, were you able to create a full website in React? By that I mean including routing/protected routes, authentication(without knowing Node JS or something like that, maybe using Firebase so you don’t have to write the backend code). Did you make your own portfolio website? What level of knowledge you had overall?

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Don’t forget that you have experience in another industry so you can figure out web and automation solutions to solve those problems. Many things can be translated between industries. Understanding the “back office” can help get you hired. I right there with you, almost 55.

THIS!!! Tell us more about it. I am at the edge to fall in “tutorial pit” once in a while but i still can find the way to say no, somehow. Its hard.

This tutorial issue is real and it s frustrating to deal with. Even now when I have my portfolio website and some projects I still have doubts. Soon I will apply, I ve spent time learning JS then React then I got more into CSS/HTML but the thing is when I started learning one thing I didn t practice with other technologies I learned and I forgot some stuff and I had to go back to those and then forgot about others like a vicious circle. I wonder how other people deal with this. I guess I might need to practice with each every week till I finally get a job so I can work with them daily.

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Oh, believe me, you are more than ready. My wife, with 0 knowledge and no previous exp is now working for some software company and she is enjoying it. She has nothing to code, but she checks and tests their code. Friend of mine, who also aspires to be web developer as i do, we were both stunned equally when she told us like its no big deal. You should try to apply for jobs as soon as you make your own portfolio site without looking in tutorials. If you start as junior, i assume its normal for you to still learn stuff and you cant know every single thing about web dev job. You will adapt to their tech stack if you like it and start learn that stack. Example:you will forget some algorhytm challenges from FCC, but if you know JS, its gonna be a lot easier to learn at you new react job, right?
I rest assured and it will be my guide:if my wife can make it into web industry, i can too. You can, too. Stop looking for another tut, just search for job that will meet your needs and go for it. You will learn all the things you need there.


I m just overwhelmed by job posts requirements. Even for entry levels it looks like they want you to be at a medium level at least plus like dozens of stuff they ask. Besides that they want you to be really really good at everything. I mean ye I know some CSS, it s been some time since I gave more attention to it and that was when I created my portfolio website. I can anytime get into CSS if needed but I don t master it as they mostly require. Also about React I have a deep understanding and I know how to do lots of stuff and fix issues but I m not at a master level.

I applied yesterday to some jobs and I m planning to do so today as well. I m from Europe but in my country there are rlly less jobs compared with other countries in EU. I m thinking if I cannot find something close to my location, maybe try to find remote since relocating to another country is a bit risky cause I cannot know if they will accept me eventually and I would spend much money on rent and not knowing if I would eventually find anything. Ty for your answer, it motivates me and gives me more confidence.

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it is normal, but consider that as a wish list. It is also possible you will see experience required longer than the tenchology has existed - most listings are not done by programmers. Or use one of the programmers curriculums as template, which may have totally unrelated expierence to what’s needed on the job, but will end in the requirements in the job posting anyway. As it is not done by programmers, anything can happen.
If the job may interest you, and you have a few items on the list, you can try applying.


Thanks for the advice. I ll take that into account. I guess I ll try to apply to those jobs where my skills are part of their bigger list of requirements, maybe with some luck they decide to give me a chance.

Hey, every, and i mean it, EVERY job has what i like to call, wishlist, like, you want Junior dev with 10 yrs of exp, to be able to code in sleep and to know every tech stack available. Reality is something different. You apply, they call you to interview and THEN you show your technical and communication skills, both equally important. I went for interview for position of sysadmin, because i am in that field currently. They asked me about various topics and when they asked some theoretical questions, i asked is it better for candidate to “know” definitions or real experience, answer always was the latter. Maybe i don’t know the exact definition of what Upnp is, but i can build, deploy,manage, protect your servers and network environment from scratch. When i showed my work, they were more than pleased. I wasn’t, so i didn’t accept that job. Have confidence and know what are you do, the experience will come and with that combo, you can choose where you want to work.

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Nice 1 getting a job. Hope it’s going well :slight_smile:
Thanks for the inspiration too!

Oh, thank goodness I’m not alone!! :smile: Congratulations on landing this job @Arsikod!! I laughed out loud when I read the following because it is so relatable to my current experience as a junior dev. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you share another update :grinning:

Now it is 3rd week and main points are:
-it is freakin hard and frustrating: react app with 1000 components, hundreds of libraries(pikaday, classnames, drag-n-drop bla bla bla), half of scripts written in backend, so need to learn SQL as well.
-have you ever fixed a bug in 700 lines-of-code component? Seven hundred lines!!! No i just made to-do list on udemy :slight_smile:
-git is freakin hard: branches, merges, backend migration on C#
-i am way out of my comfort zone, i feel stupid, everyone is smart
-started fixing simple bugs, it is hard but I am trying hard.
-if they fire me, I completely deserve it :slight_smile:

How is that job like?
are you accountant or something like that? :grin:

I really need the motivational videos!!!

41 here
don’t recommend CS50 for the very beginning, mostly because thatHarvard platform is not really good for online learning (comparing with intended platforms like FCC or udacity)

which job you’re talking about, tell us?

I’ve just seen the “user-friendly” Sketch language at the first task and left the CS50 course altogether :joy: :joy: :joy:

(PS: I have a tech job now)

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