5th Project - Wikipedia Viewer App - Request for feedback

Finally finished my 5th front end project!
This year I’ve started UNI but wanted to learn before I did on my course (I started really doing freeCodeCamp in September), now I’m realizing that it’s very heavy because of tests. I have maths test Monday, but I’m having good grades though, and a lot of fun!

So, we were supposed to make a Wikipedia viewer with external links to the respective wiki pages, but instead I had the idea of making an iframe to show the content inpage.
Really fun stuff! I’ve never done anything similar.

I’m really enjoying coding, and I can’t wait to start the back end part.

What do you think? https://codepen.io/shivayl/full/qVVbdO/

This looks good. Random works. Royal Hawaii works. And stub Hawaii Royalty works the second time I searched for it.
Yes, I’m looking forward to the back-end too :slight_smile:

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Hi, and thanks for testing! :smiley:

Node.js looks great, but I’m going to wait for the upcoming update on the curriculum before starting it

Node.js is great. I’m trying to wrap my head around MongoDB. I am really looking forward to React.

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