A keyboard users' todo app


A few weeks ago I made a simple JS todo app

Now I give it a try with react, and as I hate the mouse, I’ve tried to make it nice for keyboard users.

You can find the live version here.

The theme changes slightly with the time of the day, so you might find some weirdness depending on where you are :eyes:

Whenever I can’t find an svg on simpleicons (open source repo for svgs), I made them myself. I’m yet learning so a few of them look weird.

  • Any feedback is welcome, I dont mind destructive ones,
  • I’m happy to do pair coding if anyone is interested.
  • Gonna build a weather app and an image slider now, using some bash, npm, js, etc. And react.

Hey it looks nice, the only issue you have that you can easily fix is the empty input, it’s not gonna send a message now but if you add a space it will send an empty one still. So instead of checking if ur input value === ‘’ do input value.trim() === ‘’ and that should fix the issue u have with an empty message.

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Great, will fix that, thanks h3

Nice portfolio, by the way…

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Glad I could help, and thank you :slight_smile: