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here’s what appeared (and no matter how much I try again it still appears) in the console.

// running tests Your regex
myRegex should match 17 items.
// tests completed

This exercide is quite easy. It’s not complicated. I know my code is correct, since I already took a look at the solution, but I can not figure out what the problem here is. Maybe it is a bug.

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let quoteSample = "Blueberry 3.141592653s are delicious.";
let myRegex = /h-s2-6/gi; // Change this line
let result = quoteSample.match(myRegex); // Change this line

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Challenge: Match Numbers and Letters of the Alphabet

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If your solution doesn’t work, your code isn’t correct :wink:

But in this case the mistake is rather simple.
If you log your result to the console, it returns ‘null’.
So there are no matches with your regex.
The reason for this is, that your regex matches ‘h-s2-6’ literally.

let myRegex = /h-s2-6/gi
let quote = 'i3'
let secondQuote = 'h-s2-6'
console.log(quote.match(myRegex)) // This returns null
console.log(secondQuote.match(myRegex)) // This returns 'h-s2-6'

Just compare your regex to the example given in the challenge :wink:


You need to put [ ] to get the code working.

let myRegex = /[h-s2-6]/gi;

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My bad! Sorry :grimacing: