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i play a game on my ps4 and sometimes i go afk because the game has its own AI to continue, although it only requiresto press × at some points to continue,so is it possible to create a phone app so that when i open the remote play app on the phone,it can detect when the × button shows up and automatically press it for me?,and is it hard to create this app?,because i know literally nothing about Python,all i know about it is that it’s the vest language for AI
The name of the game is INJUSTICE 2 if you’re curious.
I know that the question sounds a little bit silly,but i got bored of looking at the screen all the time just to prees ×.

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Yes, it is possible.
Is it hard?

If you need to ask that question: yes, it is hard.
If you don’t need to ask that question: not really.

You also don’t need AI to just look at screen and press ‘X’.

What to do? How to do it?

Follow these steps in order : learn python syntax, get python image library, read a screen every second or two, check the image if there is a ‘press X’ prompt or something like that (check colors, or use something else, like matching parts of image), if there is, send a signal to press ‘X’, profit.

Following these steps should take something between a week and month if you are naturally good with computers and logic.
You can also hire a freelancer to do it for you.

Fellow gamer wishes you best of luck on your coding journey.

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Thanks,really appreciate it

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