A question regarding Font-family


I wanted to ask about font-family.

I have this in my CSS file

h2 {
font-family: ‘Trade Winds’, arial, sans-serif;

My question is, how can i make arial BOLD, and also Sans-serif? If i where to add font-weight bellow it to 700 will it only apply to Arial & Sans-serif, seing how Trade Winds is linked from an external site, or how does this work?

I appreciate all help i can get, cheers.

That particular font is only available in regular (400) font weight.

Do you mean the Arial one? :slight_smile:

I meant the Trade Winds font. Or am I misunderstanding something?

Yes, but its probably my english fooling you, totaly braindead after 10 hours of html & css.

I have an assignment to put “Trade winds” on a heading.

And to seconday use “arial bold” and “sans-serif bold”

But how can i make my second selection “arial” bold? Also sans-serif, how do i target these specific fonts individually?

Cheers :slight_smile:

As far as I know you can’t target specific fonts. The font weight applies to the whole font stack. However, because the Trade Winds font only has the 400 font weight available, it should effectively ignore any other value for font-weight. So setting it to 700 should make Arial and sans-serif bold, but Trade Winds stays the same.

Ooh, clever!! :slight_smile:

But does this mean if i want Arial bold and sans-serif NOT bold, this is impossible?

No, I don’t think so.

It’s quite possible if you want you Arial our whatever fontstyle to be bold, Italianic our make it even upside down change it to binary our whatever you are only limited to your own imagination and how well you can Google things :3


I had a meeting with my teacher regarding this problem, of setting 1 of the 3 fonts in a font-family to bold. And he said that its not easy and shouldn’t be done at all.

The only reason this was 1 of many demands in our assignment was so that we would notice this impossible task and discuss it within our forums and search online.

Go teacher go… :wink: