A self-made personality generator. Try not to laugh

Here is my project:
I hope you like it and have fun!
Any feedback is appreciated!

This is a beautiful thing. I just spent like 15 minutes playing with this!

I have a couple recommendations:

  1. Use the array length to determine the Math.random multiplier
  2. Instead of having the randomly generated keys in the .html() function, pull that out to its own function, like:

function getPhrase(arr) {
  return arr[Math.floor(Math.random() * arr.length)];

Otherwise, great work!

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Nice work! Looks decent on mobile. You might think about setting a max width or something for the desktop version though. And there seems to be a thin vertical line between your first and second yellow text blocks. A fun project, keep it up!

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Yeah. A max width seems like a good Idea.

Thanks! that works MUCH better!