A simple Library. (review requested)

Small Library app. (first draft, I’ll definitely try to improve it). Here is the CodePen.
JavaScript is main concern for now.
Any suggestions, specially in regard to coding habits.

First thing I noticed is that it lets me add a book without filling in any fields. Not sure if this is intentional?

so far it is. I know I need to fix that…

Another thing I would recommend is that for actual projects you are working on you do the work on your local computer and use github to share them with us. This will be good practice for the real world :smiley:

:star_struck: got it. Good advice.
but its just a project from OdinProject, nothing special…

I might suggest you add the data structure to the class and methods for interacting with it.

You might also think about the API and how to better control access to the data. You can use getters and setters, “private variables” or private fields that are only accessible to the methods.

OK. thanx. I`ll definitely do that.
but looks like a lot of reading… :stuck_out_tongue: :heart:

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