A stressful week of working on a React Application

As part of my journey in learning React decided to work on a movie finder application using the movieDB API.
Here is the finished site https://danielkpodo.github.io/movie-finder/

Will add to it as l progress in my learning journey in React

Comments and additions are welcome!

Great job! The only beaf I’ve got with your app:
ME: Hi, app!
APP: What are you looking for?
ME: Titanic
APP: Currently displaying 115 results for Titanic

Nothing indicates that I have to scroll couple miles below to actually see results. You might want to add some sign like, “Hey we’re here!!!”, or collapse intro slide on search, so everything goes up

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U soo right… I thought about that but l forgot to implement that feature before l shipped. Would research on that

Nice work!

But I also found some “glitches” :wink:

  1. when searching for “bat man” the fourth result is empty
  2. when searching for “batman” and clicking 8 in your pagination an error occurs and the user can’t get back
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Thanks… I also realized some lapses while using their API. For example the API does not handle default query parameter so had to write a fix and others

Will check this error out.