A Tribute to Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

My first ever attempt at a webpage. Not finished yet, but how did I do so far? Any advice?

You should only be adding one version of Bootstrap (either 3 or 4) to your CSS external libraries. Figure out which version syntax you want to learn/use and delete the other one. Having two versions of the same library in a project can cause unexpected results which would be difficult to debug.


Oh shoot, I didn’t realize I had them both on there. I thought I removed 3. Thanks!

Also, it is hard to read some of the light blue links. The darker blue for the mouseover is fine, but the normal state is hard because of the light grey background .

Also, if you are going to remove Bootstrap 3, then you need to make sure you are using the img-fluid class instead of img-responsive for the image. When you add the framing class to the img tag, it loses it’s responsiveness.

I’ve done a little bit of tweaking. Thanks for the help. I’ll definitely work on it some more when I have the time.