A way I'm using to learn

Hey guys

I’m learning coding for about three months. My code isn’t any good but I’m trying everyday to improve it. I think I will never forget the day when i tried to solve the “Roman Numeral Converter” challenge and my way of thinking make me right over 100 lines (I used switch). I was sure there was another but I couldn’t think of it. So I searched for a solution on the web and I found that there is a github page for every challenge on FCC. From that day after finishing one I would to there and see how should be done. It has two to three ways of approach and with differnt level.
This way I learn where I was wrong, how I can improve it and other new stuff I didn’t know.

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that’s a good way of learning :smile:
I am not gonna lie I was kind of lazy at the first challenges
I will redo all the projects i have built (3) because of that