About Basic CSS: Use an id Attribute to Style an Element

hello, freecode campers,

I have an issue with validating the lesson: Basic CSS: Use an id Attribute to Style an Element:

After checking the correctness of the code several times, even with the aid of the help video, it has no effect on the web page and the “run the tests” button gives me the message:

// running tests Your


element should have the


of green. // tests completed

Just like I would receive in case of incorrect code.
you can see for yourself in the screen capture uploaded!
Can anyone help me because I’m stuck

You spelled the id wrong, it should be #cat-photo-form, not #cat-photo-element. When using ids to target something, you have to use the exact name, no alterations. Or else it won’t match that element to the one in the HTML.

You are right, I did not pay enough attention to details, I was positive I did everything right, a good lesson for me :nerd_face:
I’m so embarrassed at the same time I am grateful for your quick and simple answer :blush:

thank you very much Shemona and good luck with your projects :+1:

No need to feel embarrassed, it happens to all of us! All the best with your projects as well :grinning: