About CSS reset

Why after including CSS reset all my tags are not working anymore???


Also there are so many types of reset, which one to use???
I just wanna create some simple website like these: I want to clone this site.

What do you mean by “not working”? I just checked your codepen, added h1{font-size: 40px;} and it did work.

Yeah. but I set one of them as h1 the other one is h6.
You can see they don’t have different size. Their size is all the same. that’s why I said the tags are not working…

That’s what resetting does. Then you have to manually set the properties of all the tags you want to use.
Here is the thing: browsers apply default properties (like font, padding margin) to html tags. An html page you design will look differently on different browsers like Opera, Safari… So we reset in order to “cancel” browsers default properties. Then you, as a programmer, have to write the Css for the tags.
I hope it helps.:slight_smile:

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Hahah . okok I get it.


Another thing though, is it okay for me to include this in every website I write???
I’m just lazy… just wanna copy pasta everything.

Is it okay to do that???

Ya. You can create a reset.css file, and include it in all your projects. Then you use the style.css as you normally do.
Just be mindful to always include reset.css before style.css in your html page.
Something like

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I will. Thanks for the tips and helps!!!