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hello everyone.i just want to confirm that is freecodecamp change the format and add some new task? actually i completed all the task related to responsive web design and java script algorithms but now it shows that i had not completed some task …now i tried to solve it but still show not completed.what should i do??

Which challenge did you try to solve? Did it show passing tests?

for example basic javascript (108/110)

This indicates to me you should complete 2 more challenges in the Basic JavaScript section. Do you have all checkmarks for that section showing in your profile?

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i already complete all the challenges.

the update has introduced new challenges, have you completed this new challenges?

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yes codecamp did change
yes there are new task
go to https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn
sign in
click the part arrow like 32/33
and scroll down until u see an empty round without the V
complete the lesson and submit

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The new update has added new challenges, removed some and even updated some. This means your progress may be off.

Do not worry, this is normal and fine. All updates were mostly made to the challenges which are optional any way. The do not affect your certifications.

You can still complete these challenges and they would come up on your timeline.

If you previously claimed any certifications that is preserved as well. You do not need to re-claim a certification at all.

Over all the updated curriculum improved upon the concepts and topics that were outdated.

Happy coding.

okay thanks dear :slight_smile: i will complete these challenges.