About the Sequence Diagram

The Sequence Diagram is created from the Use Case Diagram and Class Diagram scenarios. The following figure represents a Sequence Diagram corresponding to the main scenario of the "Register Company" use case.


About the Sequence Diagram above, judge the following items:

I.The internal actor is the "Company", which is responsible for informing the data to perform the business registration.

II.As initial interface, the class "Register Company" is used. To register the companies, it is understood that the objects "Branch of Activity" and "Zip Code" are already registered.

For each object represented, it can be seen that a "lifeline" has begun, and when the object begins to interact, the focus of control is used, which has its messages in a numbered and orderly manner.

IV.After the execution of the operations, the receiving object "Company" sends a return message to the sender interface "Form_Cadastrar Empresa", represented in the dashed line.

The correct items are:


I and II.

III and IV.

II and IV.

I, II and III.

I, II, III and IV.

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