About the survey form project

I’m about to finish the algorithm of my survey, but I have one flaw that I want to fix.
If you see my survey, I asked “Have you ever used video chat before?” and put two radio buttons: ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I would like to make a required input for the rest of the questions if the user clicks yes, but if the case is opposite then optional. Is there any way that I can do that?

here is my pen: https://codepen.io/josh98/pen/KKpoeOm?editors=1100

You would need to add some JavaScript for that. Disabling the other inputs (select/checkboxes), and/or requiring the select element, based on the radio buttons state isn’t too hard. But doing validation on the checkboxes can get a little more tricky because there isn’t a formal way of requiring the checking of a group of checkboxes. It can be done but you would likely have to set a custom validity message setCustomValidity to make the UX less confusing.

I can’t really post code right now, maybe later, or maybe someone else will post some code.