About the task instructions

Hi there, i would like to know about the numbers which is in the instructions, for example :

  • orderMyLogic(4) should return the string Less than 5

  • orderMyLogic(6) should return the string Less than 10

  • orderMyLogic(11) should return the string Greater than or equal to 10

i dont know what mean this numbers 4, 6 and 11. thank you

Hi there and welcome to our community!

If you need help with a particular challenge, please click on Get Help and Create a help post on the forum. This will create a forum post for you which includes your full code, a direct link the challenge and an opportunity for you to describe, in your own words, exactly what you are struggling with.

It’s difficult to help when you simply post some code out of context.
The numbers you refer to are arguments which are being passed to the function orderMyLogic.

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