Accessing Object Data

I think I’m having a brainfart. I need to access display_name, which in this instance is “OgamingSC2.” I am using the notation globalUserData.users[0].display_name and I get the error “globalUserData.users[0] is undefined.” The screenshot is taken from a console.log(globalUserData) so I’m at least sure the globalUserData part is correct. Codepen:

Logging globalUserData.users is succesful, but globalUserData.users[0] returns undefined, so it’s the array index giving me hassle. I feel like such a n00b, I’m sure this is elementary stuff!

I think sharing your codepen or actual code would help

Codepen article:

I’ll add it into the main article. Thanks for replying

The console.log runs before the $.getJSON returns any value. $.getJSON should be running asynchronously. So the console.log runs while $.getJSON waits for server reply.

You will need to write your console.log in the callback function.

$.getJSON(apiUrl + apiType.streams + user + callback, data => {
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You are 100% correct. I tried moving the console.log into the getData function and it was successful. Weirdly though, two lines earlier, on line 46 I log the entire globalUserData object and it is successful.

On my console, I get: (using CodePen console, not browser’s console)

Object {
  channels: [],
  streams: [],
  users: []

This is not an error because you had already defined the globalUserData.

You can try this instead?
(I’ve not tried this myself but worth a try if you prefer to keep your current code)

Thank you very much, I’ve managed to pull back data using $.ajax (then promptly didn’t save. Having a blonde day). I’m working on it again now, seems pretty straight forward.