Accessing Redux Store

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Why doesn’t the instructions teach me that there is something called redux.createStore() ?
Why do i have to open up the solution to know this ? I think this should be taught in the instructions itself.
For someone who has never used redux, why am i supposed to come up with this on my own ?

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const reducer = (state = 5) => {
  return state;

// Redux methods are available from a Redux object
// For example: Redux.createStore()
// Define the store here:

const  store = createStore(reducer) 

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It tells you in the instructions and in the comment above where you put the code? There isn’t really anywhere else it could have been specified. The instructions literally tell you to call the createStore function (passing it the reducer as the only argument) and assign it to the variable store.

Well not really but it is shown in the comments. I just read that now.

The Redux store is an object which holds and manages application state . There is a method called createStore() on the Redux object, which you use to create the Redux store . This method takes a reducer function as a required argument. The reducer function is covered in a later challenge, and is already defined for you in the code editor. It simply takes state as an argument and returns state .

Declare a store variable and assign it the createStore() method, passing in the reducer as an argument.