Ackermann function display

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The display of the Ackermann function definition is not formatting properly. I had absolutely no idea what this was trying to indicate:

The Ackermann function is usually defined as follows:

$A(m, n) = \begin{cases} n+1 & \mbox{if } m = 0 \ A(m-1, 1) & \mbox{if } m > 0 \mbox{ and } n = 0 \ A(m-1, A(m, n-1)) & \mbox{if } m > 0 \mbox{ and } n > 0. \end{cases}$

Opening wikipedia displays a properly formatted version (as an image) and it’s trivial from there, but I have to imagine the formatting displayed on FCC is not intentional or broken on specific setups.

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Challenge: Ackermann function

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This is what it should look like:

Is that not what you are seeing?

No, it’s not what I’m seeing. The text in my original post is literally what I see.

what browser are you using? what’s its version? what operative system?

Chrome 77 Version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) on Win10

I viewed it on Chrome 77 on Windows 10 and now on Chrome 78, and I’m not seeing that behavior. I wonder if you have an extension that is interfering with MathJax.