Add class one to the first marker div element. HELP!

<div class="marker">


      <div class="marker">


      <div class="marker">


Hi @ahmed.monaim94 !

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You can add multiple classes by separating the names by a space

For example:

class="example-class1 example-class2"

Add class one to the first marker div element using the example I showed you.

i already did that and it doesn’t execute
thank you so much

Please post the code what you tried adding the two classes

 <div class="marker" class="class-one">
  <div class="marker">
  <div class="marker">

Two issues.

This is not the correct class name

The correct name is one.
Not class-one

Take a close look at the example I showed you

Both classe names are inside one set of quotes.

You wrote this

Once you fix those two issues, then the test will pass

Hope that helps!

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Here is a good article on adding multiple classes if you need extra help

i got it , thank you so much :heart:

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Here i find the solution

Hi @msabir !

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