Add my own image as custom background

I am working on my second project, and I would like to know how to add my own image as a backdrop (and if possible, to blur it). I have it in both Google photos and also saved to my computer (Mac). I have been searching various forums for help, but nothing is working for me yet. I have tried the website that allows you to create an embed code, but the file name doesn’t end in .jpg or .png, , so I’m not sure that is supported. I also am not sure how to execute the other solution, which is to have the html and image in the same folder of my computer…
Any suggestions appreciated!

you can take picture from your Avatar Profile picture
and set it as a background

<img src="">

Hi @micha.ella ,

I am sharing a link that helps you to add image as a backdrop and as well as to blur it. I hope it helps.


Thats a useful little property I didn’t know about. Thanks @nivethakrishnan72 :slightly_smiling_face:

Playing with this now! Thank you so much @nivethakrishnan72!

Still working on this page, but look at my beautiful blurred background image! Thanks again @nivethakrishnan72 !


@micha.ella Your page looks amazing. I am glad it helped you.

Thanks :grinning: :+1:

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