Add some hints for "Restrict Possible Usernames" challenge

Is it appropriate to suggest hints that could be added to lesson hint/solution pages on the forum? If so, is this the correct place?

For example here

there are only solutions. I would suggest some hints:

  • You will need to use the | character to create two complete alternative matches
  • Both matches will need to start with ^ and end with $
  • you will need to use both the + and * in your solution

The forum is such a great resource. It would be great if there were hints for all more complicated lessons. This particular lesson is really difficult if you don’t think to use the | character.


I agree that some hints would be helpful, as this was my hardest challenge so far on fCC.

Alternatively, a less complex problem combining β€˜|’ and β€˜*’ operators might have made this challenge feel more approachable.

I was finally able to crack it after I rewrote the requirements based on the different test strings:

// case 1: 2+ letter username.
// case 2: 3+ character username beginning with 2 or more letters, ending with 1 or more digit.
// case 3: 3+ character username beginning with 1 or more letters, ending with 2 or more digits.

Afterwards I saw solutions with only one β€˜|’ operator, so seems its possible to tighten the logic here.

Hints or another ramp up exercise before this one. The difficulty spike from the previous challenges to this one was absurd.


they are like exercise school: a + b = 5 and the next is a^log( x - a) - e^x-2 = e^x.

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I feel very disappointed by the difficulty of this challenge. I needed a previous challenge to show the logical connecting up of the various requirements, ESPECIALLY how to refer to excluding non-alpha-numeric characters, when previous easy challenges merely involved searching for the presence of something in a string.

let userCheck = /^[a-z][a-z]+\d*$|^[a-z][0-9]+\d+$/ig; 

Is my code considered as hardcoded, if so please suggest how can I improve my code.

Please create a separate topic to ask for feedback on your solution.