addEventListener "click" is not responding in ejs file

I am trying to make the element(“span.cartcount”) display as it is set to display: none in the CSS file. It should be displayed when I click on addtocart button (a.addtocartbutton).

It is conceptually simple to do but I have been trying to make “span.cartcount” display on clicking “addtocart” button but to no avail.

This is the github repository:

I will also be glad if I can get directions or an alternative way of going about shopping cart system expecially how to add items to cart, checkouts, orders and payments with express.js

Please, I need someone to put me through how to go about creating a shopping cart app, especially the customer order aspect. The admin should have a list of all orders by customers.

Thank you.

Ok. I will do just that. Thank you.

This is the github repository: